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BAEP is a boutique fund manager investing in Australian equities, employing a research-intensive and high conviction approach.

We selectively invest in high quality companies; with strong growth outlooks; and underestimated earnings momentum and prospects.

As genuinely active investors, we aim to enhance the market’s long-term gain via outperformance, delivering our clients with superior returns. Our predominantly bottom-up investment approach, supported by macroeconomic expertise, focuses on high quality growth stocks; seeking predictable, lower-risk, sustainable and growing earnings.

This results in high conviction, differentiated portfolios that aim to add genuine value for our clients. Our strategy has been tested since 2008 through different market environments and cycles, and the portfolios have consistently outperformed the market (as well as being awarded and highly-rated).

BAEP is majority-owned by the investment team, and we also invest in the strategy – ensuring our goals are aligned with those of our investors.

To tailor your experience and information, please let us know who you are.