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As active investors, we aim to enhance the market’s long-term gain via outperformance, delivering our clients with superior returns.

We selectively invest in high quality companies; with strong growth outlooks; and underestimated earnings momentum and prospects. Our predominant focus is stock-specific fundamentals such as earnings, growth and valuations.

  • We run relatively concentrated and differentiated portfolios made up of our highest conviction stock picks.
  • We believe high quality growth stocks are best-placed to build wealth over the long term.
  • We seek to invest in reliable, predictable businesses that we can research with purpose.
  • The main focus of our research efforts is to gauge a company’s near, medium and long-term earnings prospects, as we believe a company that outperforms on the earnings it delivers will outperform in its delivery of shareholder returns.
  • We consider macroeconomic and market-related issues in stock-specific analysis to assist in understanding the risks and opportunities across the market.
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